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Why We Love Mephisto Sandals

Mephisto sandals are all the rage! They’re a comfy, stylish and durable solution to all your summer activities. It’s also never too late to replace your sandals and enjoy what’s left of the lingering warm weather this year. In Toronto, summertime weather tends to extend well into September and even October. Not only that, but you’ll have a brand new pair of sandals that will be waiting for you next spring and summer, and your sunny vacations in between! Knowing this, we’re here to chat about one of our favourite brands!

Feet First Clinic is always eager to share the fantastic benefits of a snug and stylish pair of Mephisto sandals. We do so for a good reason, as there are several features that help Mephisto stand out from the crowd. We’ve outlined our favourite features below, which we’ll break down for you in this article:

Why Do We Love Mephisto Sandals?

  • World-Renowned layered cork footbed and midsole construction
  • Signature SOFT-AIR technology
  • Helpful for people with foot conditions
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Healthy foot climate
  • Numerous styles, colours and pattern options

World-Renowned Layered Cork Footbed and Midsole Construction

It’s all about the midsole! Mephisto sandals are made with a natural cork midsole and footbed. Cork has many beneficial properties. First, cork is naturally shock absorbent. For anyone needing a refresher, shock absorption is a term that defines how well your shoes reduce the impact of walking and running. Every time your foot strikes the ground, shock is sent up from your feet, through your legs and into your back. When you consider how often that occurs, that adds up to a lot of shock and a lot of strain.

Your shoes should absorb the impact force of walking or running – especially on hard surfaces. By doing so, they help protects the joints by reducing wear and tear. This in turn reduces joint fatigue, and – of course – foot pain.

Cork is also naturally firm and very supportive. This makes it fantastic for arch support! To top it all off, cork is highly durable and has natural moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties to promote good foot hygiene.

Here are some more details on the layering in the cork footbed:

  • The first layer is a footbed made of natural leather.
  • The SOFT-AIR technology is included underneath the footbed, providing long-lasting comfort and cushioning.
  • Next, there is a layer of natural cork underneath the SOFT-AIR technology.
  • The jute layer underneath the cork adds a protective quality to the cork. It keeps it flexible and durable.
  • Lastly, the rubber sole on the bottom completes the sandal.

Keep reading to learn how all these features promote happy, healthy feet and make Mephisto the ideal choice for people with foot pain.

Signature SOFT-AIR Technology  

One of the reasons Mephisto shines is its SOFT AIR technologywhich is included in the midsole of all Mephisto sandals. This technology provides softness and cushioning, giving you a comfortable sandal that makes you feel like you’re walking on air (hence the name). It also can help to prevent knee, back, foot and ankle pain. This is mainly due to the midsole’s integrated shock absorption technology from the layered Soft-Air cushioning and cork. The Soft Air technology cushions the impact of each step you take (as well as the bottom of your feet!) The effect is a smooth, fatigue-free walking experience that’s soft on the feet.

Even if you don’t suffer from any glaring foot conditions, Mephisto’s SOFT AIR technology midsole is a preventative measure that can benefit you in the long run. It serves as a protective barrier between you and the impact forces that can damage your vertebrae and spine. This helps prevent joint pain, which can disrupt your body in more ways than you can imagine: Everything in our body is connected, so joint pain in one area can trickle all the way down from the back, to your knees, and ultimately your feet and ankles. 

Overall, Mephisto’s SOFT AIR technology aims to provide a smooth and pain-free walking experience. This means that with your Mephisto sandals, you can walk for much longer than with a cheaper, low-quality sandal. Many people feel fatigued and sore after spending a long day on their feet with ill-fitting, poor-quality shoes, especially sandals in the summertime. With Mephisto, you will soon notice some relief from those nagging aches and pains.

Helpful for People With Foot Conditions

You’ve probably noticed a recurring theme by now: Mephisto’s shoes are designed with foot health in mind. As we previously mentioned, this brand always considers people with chronic foot pain and various foot and joint conditions. Not only that, by protecting and cushioning the joints, it reduces wear and tear which can help prevent foot conditions from developing (or getting worse). Whether you have a disability or are simply looking for preventative footwear, Mephisto sandals are a suitable choice for all.

Your feet need to be in a comfortable position so they can bend and flex within your sandals. As we’ve discussed, ill-fitting footwear can mean that simple exercise like walking can put an intense amount of strain on your body, causing ankle pain, foot pain, and even knee and back pain. 

So, how exactly does a sandal from Mephisto help people with foot conditions? In addition to all the shock-absorbing properties we already talked about, the cork footbed provides excellent, firm and strong support for the structures in your feet. Mephistos have an anatomically shaped and contoured footbed with a strongly defined arch that doesn’t wear down. If you’re someone with flat feethigh arches or plantar fasciitis, this is a major plus and will make your life much easier. The Mephisto Hester is one of the most helpful sandals for people with plantar fasciitis, as the sandal structure can help soothe symptoms. This is thanks to the contoured footbed. Mephisto sandals also help other painful foot conditions and structural abnormalities. This includes:

Long-lasting and Durable

Mephisto sandals are built to last, no matter how many hours you spend on your feet. Wear-and-tear can be noticeable far too quickly after purchasing some other sandal brands. However, Mephisto sandals take a lot longer to wear out, and they can last for years!

The durability in Mephisto sandals is mostly thanks to the layered cork footbed and other high-quality materials, such as nubuck leather, that make the straps and buckle closures. As for the cork footbed, the jute layer, rubber sole and 100% natural cork work together to ensure your sandals stay strong. Likewise, they’ll be able to endure your busy lifestyle and weather all conditions. 

Healthy Foot Climate

You may be wondering what a healthy foot climate means. Essentially, it refers to the environment your footwear provides for your feet. Sandals that provide a healthy foot climate help fight perspiration and can keep your feet dry in wet weather. In general, a pair of sandals will leave plenty of room for your feet to breathe, as the top of the foot and the toes are exposed. That said, our feet can still become sweaty and moist during the summer, so your sandals should do everything possible to prevent a damp environment. Dampness can lead to moisture buildup, which creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and can then lead to the following conditions: 

When you factor in the summer heat, sandals made with the wrong materials can trap an uncomfortable level of heat and result in moisture buildup at the bottom of your feet. Thankfully, Mephisto sandals are breathable and always allow for a healthy foot climate. The cork footbeds in Mephisto’s sandals are moisture-wicking, odour repellant, and prevent bacterial build-up! Perfect for keeping up with your foot hygiene!

Wide Array of Colours, Styles – and Patterns!

While it’s great that Mephisto sandals are so cozy, we’re sure you’re curious about how they look as well. Admittedly, most of us want to rock a sandal that looks stylish and matches casual or even more dressy outfits. Luckily, Mephisto has a sandal colour and style for everyone! 

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