Mephisto Technology

Super-soft walking experience

In adapting to an upright gait the human foot is highly anatomical and functionally complex. A quarter of the approx. 220 bones in the human body are located in the feet.

In order to protect the particularly pain sensitive feet from the hard impact of daily walking, MEPHISTO has outfitted every one of its shoes with the internationally patented SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY.

Healthy Foot Climate

Our feet spend long hours inside shoes every day. For many people this leads to increased perspiration - the climate inside the shoe is similar to a sauna, which often leads to uncomfortable side effects!

The SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY along with the all natural inner linning, ensures a healthy and constantly pleasant foot climate.

Tireless Walking

Hard treading impact of walking constantly puts a strain on the whole body. Joints, vertebrae and the spine are subject to this unnatural stress while walking on hard surfaces for a lifetime.

Special shock absorbers in the heel and the soft, shock absorbing SOFT-AIR mid-sole in all MEPHISTO shoes and sandals reduces this damaging impact to an absolute minimum.

16 Reasons to choose Mephisto

1. Soft-Walk Shock Absorbing Heels
Special shock-absorbing heels protect the spine, vertebra and joints from damaging jolts and vibrations.

2. Air-Bag Shock Absorber
The Mephisto Air-Bag System, placed in the base of the heel and under the metatarsal arch, protects your spine and joints from the jarring effects of walking.

3. Universal-Grip Profiled Soles
Rugged non-slip Mephisto soles ensure maximum grip even on wet surfaces.

4. Air-Step Cushioned Soles
Your foot is nestled in a deep latex cushion. Thousands of tiny air bubbles trapped inside the sole provide effective shock absorption.

5. Air-Jet Circulation System
Tiny air channels inside the sole connect the front of the shoe interior with its back circulating air inside the shoe as you walk.

6. Soft-Air Midsoles
Flexible mid-soles in natural latex foam provide soft and supple walking comfort.

7. Air-Relax Removeable Insoles
The dynamic inner sole is designed anatomically to provide the best possible foot-bed.

8. Soft-Step Padded Toplines
Latex foam padding avoids pinching and rubbing just below the ankle.

9. Soft-Contact Heel and Joint Cushioning
This padding has been specifically adapted to the shape of the heel in

10. Anatomic Arch Support
The anatomical design of the foot-bed follows the natural contours of the foot and provides stability at all times.

11. Fast-Speed Lacing System
Mephisto has developed a quick and simple method of lacing which accommodates any type of foot without pressure or discomfort.

12. Soft-Feel Padded Tongue
The lightweight cushioned padding of the tongue facilitates rapid lacing while offering added protection

13. Hydro-Soft Leather Linings
Genuine leathers are painstakingly selected and naturally treated to provide optimal foot hygiene.

14. Best Natural Products
Only the very best materials have been carefully chosen : natural rubber, crepe and latex improve the health of your feet.

15. Authentic Natural Leather
Mephisto Authentic Shoes and Sandals are handcrafted with the best grade natural leathers.

16. Original Mephisto
Because all Mephisto Shoes and Sandals are hand-finished, each and every one of them is unique. The Mephisto label guarantees their authenticity.