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Most people have never experienced proper fitting of their footwear. It may be that your Mephisto's will fit differently than any shoe you have ever worn. This is a common experience and it should be noted that proper fit is critical to comfort and wearing shoes that are health food for your feet.

With walking, it is important to give your toes a substantial degree of freedom. They should never be locked in, one against another. The proper fit of Mephisto's will provide plenty of room in the toe area. The same thinking applies to the heel area. The Mephisto heel is not designed to fit snug. A true comfort walking shoe flexes and bends with your foot. There is absolutely no need for a heel of a shoe to fit tight. When wearing Mephisto's your foot should be cradled, not bound.

All Mephisto shoes are designed to cradle your feet in unbinding comfort. The heel cups are sturdy, keeping your feet centered upon a anatomically shape insole that holds your foot in the correct position and enables you to maintain peak energy for longer periods of time.

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