Loyalty Program

Mephisto Scottsdale's Loyalty Program -

The Loyalty Program is offered by Mephisto Scottsdale available only in-store at the Scottsdale AZ Location.

• Call or come into the store and purchase to add points and/or redeem discount.

• Order online and notify us via phone or email and points can be added manually.

• Every dollar is 1 point (excluding taxes)

• 3 tiers of discounts:
  ‣ 500 points - $30 off a pair of shoes or sandals
  ‣ 1200 points - 25% off a pair of shoes or sandals
  ‣ 3000 points - Free Pair 

Shop Together, Save Together - It's easier than you think when you shop with your family, loved ones, friends, office, groups or associations!

• Points can be added to any account as long as the person's first / last name is given at the time of purchase so that points are properly credited.

• Points never expire!

Click to Enroll in our Loyalty Program!
Please provide your email address. An email will be sent for Enrollment Sign-Up and Confirmation. Enrollments can also be made In-Store. Thank you!